Friday, May 2, 2014

Rotational Brown-out!

The rotational brownout that is happening here in Cagayan de Oro is really disgusting. Before,it used to be just three hours but now it is already four hours! Because of rotational brownouts there are lots pending computer works, missed classes and super sweaty afternoon! I am quite worried now because my summer class was constantly interrupted by this power outage and I am already running out of time. :-(

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Need to Sell Your Watch?

watch buyer LADo you know that you can sell your vintage watch and other timepiece that you found to be valuable yet you just want to dispose it for some reason? Or do you want to buy a second hand vintage watch but you just cannot find it in your area? Well, it's time for you to know that there's an online site wherein you can sell or trade-in your precious timepiece for good amount of cash.Just choose those site that offers higher appraisal. If your watch has some defects do not worry because as long as it has value, you can still sell it.

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Summer Hot-terrific!

The scorching heat of the sun is inevitable. It is not advisable to linger outdoor without using any protective gear. Always wear sunblock wherever you are especially if you cannot avoid to stay outside. Do not forget to bring water also. The best place to stay for vacation is in mountainous places where you can enjoy fresh air even if the sun shines so brightly. 

Have a hot-terrific summer!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

How Organized Are You?

Rev-A-Shelf, 4WLS882-35-570, 35 Inch Wood Classics Half Moon

Nothing beats a home that is totally organized. This is one thing that I want to do when I will have my own house soon (by God's will). It is comforting to live in a house that is clutter free. For a Mom like me with two adorable and very active kids, I need to have cabinet organizers where I can securely place things that is easier for me to remember whenever I need them. For a busy Mom like me, it is really a must. I found few designs online and I really love to have them just like the half moon shelf above. 

How about you? What are the things that you want to have to keep your things at home in order?

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Are You Being Imprisoned With Worldly Desires?

Galatians 5:13 (101 kb)

God created us with freedom to choose and think. However, our freedom are sometimes went through its limits. We might not notice it but we might be one of them. We thought we are totally free but in truth we're not. It could be that we are imprisoned with selfishness and worldly desires thus causing us some guilt in our lives.

So, try to ask yourself, are you totally free?

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Are You a Dog Lover?

If you are a dog lover and currently have one or two at home, you ought to read this.

Dogs are man's best friend. Before, I am not totally convinced it until I have known one dog whose loyalty to his owner is immeasurable. One day, the dog undergo treatment of fleas so he was not allowed to enter his owner's home. His owner talk to him instructing him not to set his foot inside the house because of his condition. The dog was quarantined for a week. Then here comes Holy Week. The owner told the dog that he will be away for three days. As if the dog understood what he was trying to say, the dog left with a sad face. 

When three days was over, the owner was so excited to go home. While preparing his things to go, he received a call from a concerned neighbor informing him that his dog was dead. His world was seems to crashed with the news. He believed that the dog went through some depression because of isolation and perhaps also because of his health condition.

Now, that is not a make-believe story, it is definitely true. Have the owner find ways to treat his dog from fleas infestation without necessarily isolating him, the dog could have been still alive until now. 

There are available flea and tick control for dogs that is very effective and safe even if the dog will stay inside the house. You can find them online through browsing sogeval products at Like human, dog deserves protection and equal pampering from owners. 

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