Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Laborer's Right

The annual parade in observance of the Labor Day celebration was featured in the news last night. As usual, laborers were marching down in different cities and provinces asking for wage increase and the abolition of the contractualization. Sad to say, PNoy gave his statement against the said increase for this will affect the employment condition of the country. If laborers from private sector will increase for a P125- wage increase, this will cause some investors to have a cost-cutting among its employees. PNoy said that he will rely on the Regional Tripartite Wage Productivity Board to settle the issue. There might be an increase but not as much as P125. Well, PNoy got his point and I couldn't disagree with him. On the other hand, the issue about contractualization has been a long term dilemma among common laborers (and I am not an exception).

I've been working in both private and public sector for more or less eight (8) years now. Under private sector, the wage may not be within the minimum wage rate but I am covered with all those required benefits (SSS, PhilHealth and PagIBIG). However, when I decided to work in a government SUC, all those benefits were gone because of that No employer-employee relationship.  I am a contractual (and part timer lecturer at the same time). Though I can still continue with my contributions but in a self-employed status. The problem with this is that I was not able to continue with my contributions because it requires time and effort. Unlike in private sector where you will be deducted automatically for the contributions. Before, when I was still single, I am not really diligent in my obligations not until I got married. I got nothing from SSS though I have contributed from the past years when I file for maternity reimbursement. My application was denied because I was not able to contribute within the required months. That was really so disgusting but again I could only blame myself for that. Good thing I was able to update my membership with PhilHealth which really helps me a lot with my hospital bills.

The Laborer's Right was denied because only few from the Law-making bodies are supporting it. So sad, but that's the reality. For a degree holder like me, assurance for a permanent job has been a long-time struggle. But then, I am not closing doors, I know that someday I will have a stable job where my laborer's right is not denied and I can enjoy all the benefits that is due to me.

Hopefully, by May 1, 2013, I can be proud of myself with my new stable job. Amen. :)

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