Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vehicle That I've Been Praying For

Somebody told me that if you want to achieve something in life you've got to pray for it everyday. I was also told to jot down everything that I've been praying for. And that's exactly what I did. It may sound quite impossible with my present status to achieve all the things that I want in life but I am positive that if God willing, I can have it. Of course I should coupled my prayers with hard work for it to really work!

First on the list is to own a house and lot for my family. We are presently renting a room (not a house) that is quite enough for me, for my hubby and our baby. Paying monthly rent is something that I dreaded about especially now that I will be resigning from my present job in order to concentrate in teaching wherein the salary is given monthly. But I took the risk because the pay is quite higher compared to my daily 8-hour job because in teaching we will be paid hourly. I am positive though that to own a house and lot will going to happen sooner than later. It's just a matter of faith- believing on what is seems to be impossible.

Next on the list is a vehicle. At first, me and my hubby settled for a motorcycle but we realized that we cannot carry our baby wherever we want to go riding in a motorcycle. Aside from the fact that it is too small for us, it is also not safe for all of us. Then I realized I should not limit God's immeasurable goodness and abundance by asking for just a motorcycle. So I pray for something bigger like Hyundai. Again, my instinct tries to laugh at me but I tried to overcome this negativity with positive outlook in life. I believe that owning a car like this is possible with the help of some car financing companies like the one offered by St George Car DealershipsWith Findlay Kia, you can opt for brand new or slightly used vehicle depending on your budget. Check their website and once decided, you can fill up their credit application form online. With your application, they will perform a credit check and once you qualified, you can have the vehicle that you want.But it does not ends there. You can also have an appointment with them by just simply filling up the form online. Indeed, you can have an online all-solution with Kia Findlay. Plus you can have a free change oil for a year! 

We really need a car especially now that our baby has grown so fast. There are times that we want to visit my parents but we just find it quite difficult to commute because our baby is still so sensitive with the pollution that he will possibly get upon traveling.

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