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Friday, May 18, 2012

An Invitation for Sponsorship

My Jeush Gregory
Second quarter is almost over and I am still thinking of the right date for my son to have his dedication. He is turning four months this 23rd. As much as possible I want that day to be extra special. Out of wisdom, I should say, a bright idea suddenly came out and I am hoping this will really work. I am opening an opportunity for Blog Review in exchange of sponsorship for a minimum of $10. I am not really sure if this is amenable to everyone but I just hope that everyone will cooperate. Aside from blog review, I can also make a badge for free but that is optional for those who have already an existing badge. My target date is within the third quarter. 

Yours for FREE! Check the details HERE
So, if you are interested please signify your entries here. Aside from comprehensive blog review, get a chance to grab a copy of one of the helpful digital blogger's tools that will enable you to ping your blog to known search engines automatically. 

I am praying to get a support from you. Please fill up this form. Please don't hesitate to write your comments below for some clarifications. By the way, this is my PayPal address:

Thank you very much.

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