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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yay! It's September!

I wanna start this month with happy thoughts and positive outlook in life... And why not? Feelings greatly affect much of our daily endeavors...

Well, I am having a good vibes that everything will fall into its right places by God's grace. While at work this morning, my hubby informed me that he needs to report to work! Wow, what a good news. They were having a two-week off from work for some renovation. They were supposed to resume on the 9th of  September (my birthday! OM!)

There's new business venture that I would like to try. I was invited by my sister-in-law to join with Amway Company. The goal is to earn through passive income. The compensation and return of investment are indeed very good. I got the chance to meet great people of different walks of life. The products was all about wellness. Their product line are indeed reliable and can really be trusted. Currently I am taking Nutrilite B Complex to ease the pain on my finger joints. I tell you, it was indeed so effective. I took it last night and I can really tell the difference with how I feel the very moment I woke up this morning. Their product lines are indeed great.

Amway Philippines - Official Amway Philippines Site at Amway Philippines is part of the Amway Global Community, the official Philippines Affiliate of Amway, the global leader in multilevel marketing.  Visit Amway Philippines at has been operating here in the Philippines for such a longer period of time and there's no doubt on their integrity. I never have a second thought in taking part of this kind of business. All I need now is a small capital for the registration. I just hope I could have more writing opportunities this month. I can't wait to join with the team. If you are interested with Amway and their compensation scheme,do not hesitate to visit their branch near you. A very accommodating mentor will do the pleasure of answering your queries. Or if you are from CDO, do not hesitate to contact me. Just leave a comment below :)

AmWay to go!


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Garage Sale, Anyone?

Are you bored this summer. Are you a student, a full time Mom, or an individual who just want to have fun and earn at the same time? Why not try for a garage sale!

Yeah, garage sale! and I tell you it is so effective specially if you are situated in a crowded place. If you are in a similar situation with us, grab that chance to sale those slightly used, overly used but still usable clothing (LOL), old but still functional gadgets, and old accessories you've got there in your home. This is exactly what me and my hubby did last Saturday. Out of boredom and wanting to get rid of those unused things we have at home, he started to de-clutter and segregate those functional gadgets like chargers, cellphones, flashlight, binoculars. He also include his pants, shirts and shoes. The experience was really fun. And guess what, out of that items we sold, we're able to buy our needs!

Well, we're able to de-clutter and earn at the same time. Isn't it such a rewarding summer experience? If we have only known this idea earlier this summer, then it would be great! LOL!

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