Monday, September 5, 2011

Chic in black #1: Hubby and I in Black

Hubby & I

This was taken after the Sunday Fellowship. Note the color: Hubby and I are all in black attire (except for his pants:)... My baby bumps isn't that obvious every time I wear black.

A solo pose... trying to conceal the bumps? lol!

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Kat of My Tots Exactly said...

You have a bump???? I definitely can't see it. Black can really work wonders lalo na sa mataba like me hehehe. Also, I really love it pag magkaterno ang magasawa ng colors lalo na pag pati ang little baby =)

I'd like to say Congratulations too for your bump. Prayers for your safe and healthy pregnancy.

Thanks for joining us this week on Chic In Black Monday. Hope you have a great week ahead!

imriz said...

lovely couple in black. congrats for the "baby bumps"which hardly is noticeable:)

teJan said...

hehhe..nice pics on couple in back:)

visiting from CiB gwapa:)

Rachelle said...

hehe.. cute! it's fun to match clothes with our partners and what makes it more sweet is when our partner is also into it.
visiting for Chic in Black. :)
hope you visit mine too!
"">Pinay Mom in Germany</a

C5 @ Colors & Styles said...

black is the friendliest color for us with bumps! :) that is why black is beautiful! :D

CIBM13 #13

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