Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fragments: The Search Is Over

Mommy's Idea

It's Friday indeed! Look how time flew so fast... 

For the previous two weeks,  me and my hubby are in terrible dilemma: finding a place to stay. Anyway, allow me to share again to you the happenings for the whole week. But before that, please read this featured post on my other blog so you can really follow our story...

Accommodation For Free?

Saturday- Hubby and I went to my colleagues' place, the one whom I am referring to on my featured post. We just went there to see the motorcycle that we planned to buy on him (on installment basis as we initially agreed). It is already used but still functioning well. When we get there, he opened up again about offering his house for us to stay for free. As if left with no choice, hubby and I decided to take the offer considering that it is the only option that was left for us on that very moment. We just badly need a place to stay. Together with his wife, they presented there vacant garage. A little renovation, he said, will do. He also gave us another option, which is their room since they can use the room of their son who is in Manila applying for abroad. (They were the only one left in the house because their younger daughter was in Manila as well reviewing for Architecture exam). We went back to church that day with  our mind already made up to transfer on the following day.

Sunday- We go back to their place right after the service to finally talk to them about their offer. So we all agreed to have a share on utility bills. The couple are so kind and really very much understanding.

Monday- Supposedly we are about to transfer however we got a problem transporting our things because it was raining so we decided to spend the night on the church. We just informed the couple that we cannot make it that night as promised.

Tuesday- Finally we made it and it is our first night there. The feeling isn't that easy at first but they tried to make us feel comfortable as much as possible. Hubby is not feeling well again.

Wednesday- Waking up in new environment is a strange feeling. The couple wake up so early. We went to school together. My hubby was left alone to arrange our things. He is still not feeling well again during that time.

Thursday- a day before my birthday. We went home late because I have a late night class. I wasn't able to overcome yet the shyness (or was it the right term?) But the couple are really so kind that they really welcome us with all hospitality.

Friday- my 30th. Yes it is! We didn't went home there, instead we went home to my parents. We just informed them that we are not going home that night.

I know that our stay there was not for good.. but I am very much thankful that there are such generous people like them who still exist on this very practical world...

That's it... the Search is over (as for now...)

Though we are still praying that somebody, we could really have a house that we can call our own!

Thanks for following... Hope to see you next week!
God bless.
hubby and I @ the office

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Mrs4444 said...

Glad you and your hubs have a roof over your heads. Here's hoping you soon have a place of your own :)

Keena said...

Good luck in finding a place....

Doreen said...

I must go read your other blogs. I am so happy you have found a place to be for now!
I am a new visitor and follower via Friday Fragments.

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