Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jesus' Ministry

Jesus, the King of all kings with all humility leave His throne in heaven and step down to Earth to be with the Jews who persecuted Him later on and also with the Gentiles whom His mercy was extended. Indeed, by all means, God do everything to win our soul yet some of us hardened our heart as if we have the full control of the life that He just lend to us. 
During Jesus' ministry here on Earth, He did not choose those who are on the elite group. He chooses ordinary men to become His disciples. He chooses the likes of you and me to honor Him and to show to the whole world that He can make an extra-ordinary things through us, the ordinary people. No, He doesn't show any favoritism. He was just being denied by those in authority, by the "knowledgeable" (the hypocrites) and during His ministry He made such a great impact that the Pharisees were so envious that they plotted to kill Him...

Jesus' death is not just an ordinary death. It paves the way for us to be saved. The blood that He shed cleanses us all from unrighteousness. If we lack the faith in believing everything that Jesus did for us, it's gonna be our great loss!

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maricon dumaguing said...

weeehh...need some tutorials...LOL...hehehe...thanks mi....

Alida Sharp said...

love this...perfect for Wordfilled Wednesday!

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