Thursday, September 8, 2011

Generosity May Starts at $1 (A Special Project)

It's been almost three years already since I started my blogging career and I never initiated any give-away contest, not even on my Blogversary... Well, I couldn't think of anything else today (it's my 30th birthday tomorrow by the way) other than thinking on how to earn and save more for my upcoming baby. Blogging opportunities are in drought I guess lol! This dilemma made me think of some project which will involve your generosity my dear co-blogger. I won't be asking for somebody to sponsor any give-away contest but rather, I need somebody who is willing to give $1 (yes, just $1 though you are not hindered nor deprived to give more lol!). I believe that such amount doesn't hurt that much on your pocket ;). This will also allows me to identify those co-bloggers whose willing to give even just a little out from the willingness of their heart...

So, if you are game into this, just give your $1 to my paypal address at with the subject: A Penny for Your Baby. 

then Link up so that I could get back to you to say Thank You!

It doesn't take an online masters in accounting to realize that $1 isn't much, but it could help me so much. Your generosity is really appreciated. :)

This project will run until January 1, 2012. My expected due to give birth is on mid-January. I won't be withdrawing such amount until January 2, 2012.

Just click this button for your whole heart support.

Thank you!

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Keena said...

I would love to give but I just filed bankruptcy and am struggling. I will do something even better. I will be praying for you and your baby. Take care!!

Laptop HQ said...

I have stumbled Your post to help spread the word out, please stumble mine back: cats on laptops ;)

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