Saturday, September 17, 2011

MUST Intramurals 2011

taken from the FB album of my student
Today is the last day of the University Intramurals. But I never get the chance to enjoy the event because we just cannot procrastinate all the transactions at the office. However, we could hear the shouts from the students since our office is adjacent to the basketball court. If I am going to compare the Intramurals this year to the previous years, it's really different. I mean, something is just lacking. Before, faculty and staff were involved with the Fiesta Games unlike now that all the activities were just focused to the students. the right of the faculty and staff to enjoy is being deprived? Well, nevertheless, the event is still successful. Intramurals is also one way for the students to unwind and to free themselves from the pressures of academic requirements. This is also a chance for us, teachers, to relax (with my self as an exemption lol!)

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