Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be In Fashion: Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

Are you having a hard time with your eyes? If your vision is no longer as clear as before then maybe it's now the time for you to adopt some changes. You can wear correctional eyeglasses or better yet you might as well use coloured contact lenses to keep up with the latest trends. Just make it sure that you follow the application instruction properly to avoid any problem. With coloured contact lenses, you are not only in fashion, you can also be more comfortable than wearing thick prescription eyeglasses. Pick your right color then that will best suit your personality.

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Keena said...

My doctor told me that if I went w/ contacts I could not get 20/20 vision like I can w/ my glasses. He says it has something to do w/ my astigmatism.....

I had contacts when I was younger and was allergic to the cleaning solution and got ulcers in both of my corneas. So, I think I'll stick w/ glasses for now. Maybe I can get Lasik surgery and not have to deal with either :)

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