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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travel Tuesday

Waaa! This is my husband playing with the water at Spring View Resort, Jasaan Mis Or... 
Indeed there's a child within  us! I took the liberty (in total amusement) in taking this picture!

And here's another one... This time with the blessed men of Blessed Hope :)

Ptr John are you day dreaming?

This is my first entry for this week's Tuesday Travels....

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  1. Jackie, kabibo arun oi...hahah.. labay ko for TT.. hope to see you back :)

  2. that's one pool of men.. hehehe.. was here for TT Jackie...hope to see you in my TT entry too... by the way, how's your pregnancy so far??

  3. Lingaw kaayo mo nag swimming, Jac!

    My wet entry made in B is also up. ^^

  4. Nice photos sis Jackie! Everyone has that childlessness in us! :) I miss the many resorts diha sa Jasaan! :)

    Visiting for TT. Hope to see you at my WET and WILD entry! LOL. Thanks!

  5. wowowow! ka blue sa water inviting..visiting from TT sis.

  6. Heheeh look at the big boys i wonder kung kinsa nangihi ana nila samtang naminaw sa estorya hehe jok lng sis

  7. di maipagkailang basa talaga!LOL!

    here's my Tuesday Travels entry, by the way.. hope you could lend some time to visit..have a great week ahead!


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