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Friday, October 18, 2013

Looking Forward For A Better NAIA

So far, I traveled via airplane only once and that was six years ago when my sister and I went to Manila for a weekend getaway. We landed at NAIA and if I were to assessed NAIA during that time, I can say that somehow they have the 4C's that every airport should have:comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service. If I were to compare NAIA to our then Lumbia Airport, there is really a big difference. I am just wondering why NAIA was voted as one of the world's worst airport! How did it happened? When I was there 6 years ago, I appreciated a lot of things except for the fact that all the items being sold inside the airport were very expensive. Other than that, I enjoyed the moment we linger there while waiting for our flight.

Well, I cannot really assess that far considering that the 6 years span of time can really make a huge difference. Well I just hope that the government, specifically the Department where NAIA's concern belongs to shall do something to make NAIA a better airport the next time they will have their worldwide annual assessment. I believe that airport should be the first thing to consider when it comes to development IF we aim to lure more foreign investors here in the Philippines. How could they pour and entrust their resources with us when by the time they landed at the tarmac, all they can see and feel are the negative feed backs.
Passengers arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 in Manila
image NOT mine :)

I am positive that the government have already plans to address this issue. And hopefully, if given another chance to take another flight for Manila, I could only hope that the 4C's that I have experienced before with NAIA will be the same or much more better then.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travel Tuesday

Waaa! This is my husband playing with the water at Spring View Resort, Jasaan Mis Or... 
Indeed there's a child within  us! I took the liberty (in total amusement) in taking this picture!

And here's another one... This time with the blessed men of Blessed Hope :)

Ptr John are you day dreaming?

This is my first entry for this week's Tuesday Travels....

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