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Thursday, February 3, 2011

GT: Stupid L♥ve?

If I will be asked what is the most stupid things I've done in the name of l♥ve, well, can I just keep it to myself? Instead, allow me to share with you the story of a friend of mine who can truly relate of the thing they called as "Stupid Love".

Let's call her Nicole (not her real name to protect her privacy). She's pretty, slim but somehow she's so vulnerable. She easily falls for whoever shows interest on her. She often falls for the guy who is already into a relationship. I knew it all because she never hesitated to share everything to me. There was this guy who lets her fall for him even if he was already engaged. Call it stupid love, my friend gave in in spite of my opposition. Yes, she allows herself to be just the other girlfriend of this guy. I knew the guy because we were friend (were?). Their relationship were already known among her circle of friends (including me, of course) until such news reached to the real girlfriend. Without hesitation, the real girlfriend confronted her telling her to avoid her boyfriend because they are about to get married. Helpless as she was, she considered it as the most painful experience of her life. Why? because she was so in love with the guy. She tried to forget the guy by entertaining suitors and more suitors until she falls again for  another guy. Unluckily, this guy was more than naughty that he impregnated her and left her. She gave birth out of wedlock. I don't really call it stupidity. She was just became a victim of false promises... She admitted she was too stupid to believe the guy. Good thing now that she finally found somebody who is more than willing to love her and accept her regardless of what she went through from the past.

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