Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Minute Maid Got Me!

I cannot believe it I got the Commenter Winner Prize sponsored by Minute Maid. And the prize? Well, A ONE MONTH SUPPLY OF MINUTE MAID! Yepey! Perfect treat for this Heart season! It was very timely indeed because I felt like I really need lots of Vitamin C to get rid of these cough and cold dilemma (which I am still struggling right now). Thanks to Minute Maid and congratulations to the following:

for Pulped- up blog Awardees:

Ronald Delima of Journey of No FERA- Grand Prize Winner with P20, 000.00 Cash Prize.

Grace Marquez of Mommy on the Go-  1st Runner up with P 10, 000.00 Cash prize

Toph Ruiz of Toffeluck's Town- 2nd Runner up with P5,000.00 Cash prize

And for the Best Commenter (ehem!) goes to.... (drum roll!)



Oops, thanks to sister Kaye for informing me. She congratulated me on my FB wall and I was really surprised!

It's good to be natural in the way you act, speak and made comments, right?
 As natural as Minute Maid! 
A comment posted at Grace Marquez' blog ☺

 Thank God!

4 comments/reactions:

grace said...

Jack ang tithes ni pastor john 3 ka minute maid...hahahahahaha. hope kadaug ta sa $950 winter journey...

Jackeline Salva Cagas-Paraiso said...

Amen and amen to that Ate... Safe and secured na ang 10% ni Papas hahaahha... I really did not expect to get this... hahahhaha.... compliance lang baya to ako sa task that was given by Janette.

clavel said...

Hi jack, it's meh ate clavel. congratulation! diay... hehe!

gemini said...

Congrats....regards sa winner.Visiting for the first time.

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