Monday, February 21, 2011

The Danger Of Extreme Emotions

Words of wisdom for today: “Weigh things first before you make further action”, simple yet a very true reminder. Last night I was overwhelmed with my emotion that I wrote something here (which I purposely deleted to avoid further misconception). If we merely rely on our emotion, we cannot be assured that what we perceived and conceived to be true is indeed the truth. The outpouring of our emotion, if not handled or managed properly, will likely result to broken relationships. It could be anger and resentment that drove us to do such thing. In my case, it was. I realized I was too concerned with my emotion that I failed to look at the brighter side of the situation. Tears blinded me to further look into details as to why such things were happening.

Things that cannot be undone are the hardest thing to mend. Because of extreme emotions, I was temporarily lost to the reality that life isn’t bad at all. If we merely focus on one situation without considering the root cause, the effect could be detrimental, if not fatal, to one’s relationship. I knew for a fact that nothing good will result from our reaction caused by so much anger.

My apology to those who were affected with what I have written. My sincere apology to those people whom I thought have caused some pain on me that much. My mentor was right; I should weigh things out before making any moves. I have cried a lot already, but this time, not out of extreme emotion, but of guilt for being so judgmental. It was me who gave the wrong judgment. It was me who made the wrong assumptions.

I have learned somehow with this experience. I learned the art of listening. As I woke up this morning, I really prayed for wisdom and strength. I asked for wisdom for me to understand why such thing happened to me.

The restoration process is not that easy. Everything was cleared to me now. I just have to settle the issue with someone I loved the most. Again, it was out of extreme emotion that I did such thing.

There might be some issues that really affect me that much but that was already a thing in the past. I should not let those issues ruin what I have planned ahead. It was over. I should not allow it to haunt me again and again. We all went through similar situations, but as long as we live, we have the options to move on or just simply dwell with it and continue to hurt ourselves.

This situation helps me as a person. It teaches me the essence of maturity. I know I still have lots of things to learned. This was just the beginning. I just thank God for the wisdom. I may be lost last night but now I am back to the reality.

But as for now, I still have to do something to restore what was almost ruined by those extreme emotions.

Again, my sincere apology. ☺

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Joahna Vern said...

hay thank that post last night, too.. i may not know the real reason but I thank God na it's over, hmmackie. :) "we" got worried bya.. i love you...mwah.. whatever that was, life must go on. :) diba? remember? there's a rainbow after the rain.. heheh. mwah..

Wanda said...

Didn't see the original post but I hope that you're able to restore whatever may have been broken. Reading your post brought to mind instructions God gave me a week ago. Make no decisions based upon my feelings.

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