Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting The Edge With High Quality Digital Voice Recorder

Being involved in procurement section is a tough job. Everything is documented from what was being discussed and what was being agreed by the procurement Committee. Taking down notes and documenting everything has become part of my lifestyle as staff of Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) in our school. Jotting down all the key points during BAC session is not easy. There are instances that I cannot capture what has supposed to be captured. Good thing my Boss has his own voice recorder. However, I still need to have my own considering that it is very essential in my job.

It is quite difficult to find a digital voice recorder of high quality. But there is one that I am pretty sure you will really love as well. It is the one manufactured by Record Your Life Inc. (RYL). This company is a professional manufacturer of security products that is why we can have a full guarantee of assurance of all their security products just like this Digital VoiceRecorder 510 Plus. It has the following features that are really cool and user- friendly too: 

High Quality Voice Recording- Automatic Telephone Recording ON/OFF via Telephone Adaptor
- Secret Recording with No LCD Display and Vibration on Recording On & Off
- Large LCD size and good visibility
- Recovery of Erased files by mistake
- File Management by recording date and time
- Hearing Aid Function
- Recording Compatible with every telephone & cell phone
- Long time recording up to 260 hours and a whole lot more useful features.

Indeed this unit is suitable and highly recommended for recording phone call, class, business talks, law matters and even cell phone. Just the right features that I need for my job. Visit their website for more details

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