Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Suicidal Conviction?

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As I opened my yahoo mail this afternoon, what caught my attention was the  headline news about one of the prominent Filipino citizen. 

The case has yet to be resolved but yet, late Former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes convicted himself by taking suicide (as presumed) earlier today.

I heard about the  recent military scandal that he was allegedly involved with. The Higher Court has to deal with it yet but he finished it too soon by killing himself with a gun shot on his chest. 

Whatever you may call it, the fact that he put justice on his own hands with his life at stake, I cannot find logical reasons of doing so. But what else can we do? He could not be interrogated anymore, he finally close his heart, mind and soul from the case.

Whether guilty of the crime or not, suicide is neither the end nor the means of dealing with the issue. It does not justify.


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