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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Wondering...

What if all of us are professionals? All of us earned a degree to brag about?
What if all of us are rich and maintain a high paying jobs? or control our own company?

Who else gonna build our houses? Who else gonna supply our food? Who will do the manual labor? Who will supply us with fish and vegetables? Who will tend the farm? Who will clean all our mess? Who will do the laundry?

We always complain of poor economy, underemployment, more drop-outs students...

We complain of so many things! 

But try to consider all those things I have aforementioned? 
What if all of us are given equal opportunity? Who will take the humility to serve one another? Who will initiate to do the manual task? the tedious labor?

Just wondering.


  1. oh yeah, good line of thinking... imagine if we are all professionals and no one wants to plant rice and vegetables, well, we'll starve... lol!

  2. @soulful: then most probably, all of us will become skinny too! lol (too desperate to lose weight)
    Thanks Ms. Kim


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