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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WFW:- Colossians 3:17

If and only if all of us will keep this Word into our hearts and live our life the way it should be, do you think crime will still exist? If only we will put Jesus Christ as the center of our daily living, aren't we be more than satisfied? If we will commit our life wholeheartedly to God allowing Him to have the total control of our life, what else should we be anxious about?

Sometimes, we are too tactless in dealing with others that we tend to hurt them unconsciously. This will obviously cause some rift in a relationship. It is even sadder to think if we do something that will add insult to the injury that we have already done.

Somehow, I am guilty on this. I realized only the words that I uttered when it was already spilled! It was only then I realized that I already hurt the person. If we are not conscious in what we say or do, chances are-we will lose those person whom we cared about and even those whom we have just acquainted.

Let us then challenge ourselves: Whatever we do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Jesus Christ. Who has the nerve to hurt Him blatantly?

Definitely it's NOT you.

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