Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Hardest Fight To Make Up

Maybe all of us dreamed to have a better relationship with anyone else... Maybe all of us longed to maintain a healthy feeling towards one another... and maybe all of us wants to get along well with all the people that we may encounter along the way.

Obviously because we all love PEACE. Who wants to fight against anyone else anyway? Not unless, you are not on your mind today.

It is even much better to maintain a symbiotic relationship not only with other people not so close to you but to your love ones especially!

That was my ultimate dream.

The hardest fight to make up is the fight with your love ones. When painful things have been said already, when misunderstanding arises, indeed it is really hard to patch up. When we are hurt by our love ones, it is the most unbearable thing that could happen. These are the people whom you grow up with for so many years. These are the people that you cry with and laugh with since time immemorial... These are the same people who could tell so much about you and who could be so proud of you at the same time.

If you felt like you are being misunderstood right now, I feel for you.
If you felt like you are in pain right now, I feel for you...

Just bear in mind then that in every ordeals, there are lessons that we could learn.

We might be misunderstood sometimes but it shall come to pass...

Yes, it will really come to pass whether you believe me or not.
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I should tell myself over and over again, that this will come to pass.

After all, as the song goes ♪ there's a rainbow always after the rain ♪

Mind you, rainbow symbolizes a Blessed Hope!

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Kelly's Lucky You said...

What a hopeful post!

One of the benefits of Stumble Tumble Tuesday is beyond the obvious, it's an opportunity to read everyone's best posts of the week - love it!

Stumbled! Here's mine: and there's a handy little stumble button at the bottom of the post.

(I'm having a Stumble-Saturday-Kinda-Week)

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

I stumbled you, please stumble me:

I believe that we all have a purpose too. Love your blog name.

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