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Thursday, January 27, 2011

GT: Final Resolution

I cannot clearly made up my mind as to what should be my final resolution. The truth is, I am not just good in keeping any of those. As far as my memory is concerned, I stop making any resolutions, instead, I just simply thought of doing this and that for a change. I just don't want to add any pressure to my already pressured life (lol!).

I know my shortcomings. I can really assess myself well. I know myself better than others did. I know when to stop those bad habits and I know when to lie low on things that are overwhelming me. I admit that I cannot simply rely on to myself if I really want to make a paradigm shift of the way I think, say and do. My friends used to describe me as "stubborn". Yes, I am stubborn in the sense that I go for what I believe is right for me (though not all is really right for me). I insist on the things that I want regardless of any objections. But don't get me wrong about this. I can be easily influenced by others decision and opinion, that is one of my pitfalls. And that is exactly one of the main reasons why I want to think independently as much as possible, relying to myself for whatever is good and right for me. Well, I am not saying that my door is close to others opinion. I can listen to them but I don't want to rely much on them. However, if after weighing things out, they seems sound practical and logical, I am very much open to take it wholeheartedly.

Perhaps the most important thing that I should do right now is to ask for God's guidance that I may have the right discernment on things that I will be dealing everyday. ;)

By the way, since our host is planning to change the GT button, I made a GT badge that needs her approval... How about you? How do you find the badge below? Post your comment so that I will know...

Thank you and God bless!

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