Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Value of Contentment

It is not wrong to ask... But if you keep on asking even if the things you asked for isn't really that important, what would be its effect to the one whom you kept on asking for? That is where contentment should take place. If we do not know its value, most likely, we will always be denied with what we have asked for...

This reality have saddened me so much. If somebody close to you seems forget the value of contentment, you cannot help it but go against with that person... How I wish such person would come to realize that money is not everything. What's threatening me right now is the fact that a person can lie and fabricate stories for the love of money! Too bad but it's true.

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Refreshing Treat From Kool-Aid!

Among the powdered juice that were available in the market nowadays, Kool-Aid is one of my top favorites. Why? It is because, Kool-Aid got assorted flavors that will really tickle your taste buds. Kool-Aid has been proven for its quality and I should have known that because it already existed ever since I was still a kid. I am pretty sure, you've got lots of childhood memories too with Kool-Aid. Until now, they continue to give satisfaction to families around the world.
Kool-Aid does not only give refreshing drinks to every home, they also bring fun and entertainment with their movies and Bingo card game for the whole family to enjoy. Visit the “Noches de PeliKoola” tab on the Kool-Aid Facebook page for a schedule of their Sunday movie nights and you may also have their downloadable movie-specific bingo cards for the entire family to play during the movie. Of course, maximize this moment with refreshing Kool-Aid! To avoid monotony, each Bingo card features a tasty, easy-to-prepare Kool-Aid recipe. Try also their new flavor, Scary Blackberry. You can also get their classic recipes for your friends and relatives at
Kool-Aid  does not only give refreshing drinks, fun and entertainment for the whole family, they are also a proud partner with KaBoom which helps in building playgrounds for underprivileged kids. Indeed, Kool-Aid continues to exist for a valuable cause.
Kool-Aid is another quality product from Kraft.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ice Breaker...

How would you approach to life's basic or greatest questions?...


"If you cannot find a way out, look up!"
This has something to do on how should we approach our life's greatest challenge. Considering that our strength and wisdom is limited, we should not fail to seek for God's abundant grace. He is just right there up above, waiting for you to call unto Him...

Link your answers here....

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Picture Perfect: Old Photos...

I am back!

Picture Perfect

This picture isn't really that perfect but I just miss this look so much (this was taken 6 years ago, more or less)... If you have picture that was taken for quite some time already, take pride to post it here...

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Farewell, Steve Jobs

Death is inevitable. We will all pass through this stage though at different time. It is an appointment with God...for us to face judgment. There are death that is mourned by the whole world while others just simply passed away silently... 
For celebrities and other  famous individuals, they usually get the publicity that they weren't able to witness anymore-simply because they're dead. 

As for the former Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, he passed away yesterday after his 56 years of existence. This made me realize that wealth cannot stop the unstoppable... Steve's death is a great loss for the techie world of Apple. his ingenuity will surely be missed. But life's like that- death is beyond anyone's control... Steve is survived by his wife, Laurene with whom he had three children. he also had  a daughter with another woman prior to his marriage. No words can totally comfort the bereaved family of Steve. But his legacy will remain forever, specially for his Apple Family whom he was the co-founder. 

Farewell, Sir Steve Jobs!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WFW: Thoughts To Ponder

31 Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.
When was the last time that you extended your arms for our less-fortunate brothers? Or how do you reacted when a street child approaches you begging for alms? I do not know your answer to these questions but one thing is for sure. God sees everything that we do to our unfortunate brethren. We cannot deny the fact that in some point of our lives, in a given situation, we tend to discriminate the people that we met everyday.We either look down or look up to the person. Sad, but it's true. Even myself sometimes, I simply ignore those street kids who tries to beg for food. Sometimes also I gave but most of the time I refuses. I rationalize the situation thinking that if I kept on giving them, they will become too dependent and will no longer find ways to earn a living... But how can people like them be get employed nowadays? That's one thing that I failed to consider. We cannot just simply blame them for being so dependent with other people because they are left with no choice.
Next time you meet beggars on the street consider this: Do not count what you have given, but rather, think of the countless blessings that you have received and be happy to share them with those incapable of having such.

Happy Word Filled Wednesday

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