Friday, December 29, 2023

Losing a Mentor and a Friend

Today, a church colleague passed away.

She's not just a colleague, she's a mentor, a friend, and my Godmother on my wedding.

I've known her for more than a decade already. Our first meeting was at the university where I worked as part-time instructor. A very soft-spoken woman, very accommodating and a friendly one.

She died due to severe pneumonia, a complication of being diabetic. She suffered from diabetes for quite a while now to the point that one of her legs was amputated.

She's a survivor, more than conqueror, I would say. For her family, the number of years that she lived since her diagnosis was already a bonus since she's a frequent hospital-goer due to her condition.

In spite of what she went through, she never stopped doing her ministry as if it was among her source of strengths.

Her last days were prolific. She was able to celebrate with us our Family Day, then our Church Christmas Party where she was able to sing- the last song of her life. 

Prior to that, she was complaining about persistent cough, faster heart beats, and even LBM. We thought she could make it like she used to but none of us knows that it was the last day of her existence- her sufferings are finally over.

Now she's home with the Lord. Her life has been made whole upon coming to her eternal rest- her eternal life with God.

So long, Maamy Wendy! Til' we meet again soon!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Sign of Times

What we were experiencing these past few years were quite alarming, or should I say, a wake up call for us to set our priorities, our life. The global pandemic taught us that life is indeed very unpredictable. With those mortality rate we've been hearing around the globe, who would have thought that such precious lives were sentenced by a health threat. Yet, such threat was not completely gone but rather evolves into something else that makes people live in anxiety.

Then there are wars going on right now. The war between Russia and Ukraine seems not enough that Israel has to face the same ordeal. And again, many lives were at stake. Before people could even breath a sigh of relief from the global health threats, then there's terrorism, random bombings, killing of innocent lives and similar horrible scenario.

Then there were global news about forest wildfires, hurricane, volcanic eruptions, and series of earthquakes that brings horror to those who were directly affected.

Why are all these things happening?

For me, these are clearly a manifestation that the end is near. Many might not believe about end times, but what else could be the reasons behind all these phenomenon?

For us, believers, these are warning signs for us to do what is right. This is one way of reminding us that we do not know the future, we do not know until when our life would end,  but one thing I know is that I have an assurance of everlasting life when that time comes. I would be confident enough that I will be saved. Why? Because I have Jesus as my Lord and Personal Savior. Nothing will be taken away from us if we just believe, but much will be lost if we take all these signs for granted and continue to sin against God.

It's in His Words, It has been prophesied. All we need is just to simply believe and receive Him. 

In this chaotic world, let there be peace within us. And it is only possible through His presence.

Now is the time to do it. 

Comment if you want to learn more about it. 

Friday, December 1, 2023

Why Do We Need To Invest In Realty

Barely eight years ago, I invested in low-cost housing in our area. Back then, the equity is very low since it was on its pre-selling stage. So, what I did, I loaned the equity payment in the bank instead of having it in monthly amortization. But then pandemic came, there was a delay in the turnover. The promised three years goes on four then five and until now the said unit was not yet turned over to us. We were able to sign the supposedly contract between us and the Philippine government agency (PAGIBIG) that offers housing loan but until now, the turnover of the unit was keep on delaying due to some technical concerns.

A friend advised us to have our unit assumed by somebody else. But I was hesitant because I know that the equity by now would be doubled compared to what I have paid. If I have to calculate the take out amount of the unit, it would go as high as almost one million compared to that original price of Four Hundred Seventy Thousand Pesos. Indeed, investing in realty could be a good decision since the value of the house won't depreciate. Though the house wasn't turned over yet but I am patient enough to wait for it until the company could settle the things between them and the government agency  that offers housing loan. I was actually planning of leasing the place since the unit is too small for my growing family so I rather have it leased to couple or individual that would love minimal kind of lifestyle.

In other countries, investing in realty or being a realtor is among the best lucrative business that one could engage on. Personally, I know I still have much to learn about this business, but one thing is for sure, all of my friends who were into this kind of business are indeed prospering and gaining much financial freedom at their own convenient time. Processing papers for prospect clients won't be that easy but it's all worth it. It is also of great advantage that a realtor should be knowledgeable enough to know the basic Math in this kind of business like how to estimate mortgage loan (you can click the link to gain knowledge about it), how does loan repayment works and a whole lot more.

So, why do we need to invest in realty? Because in there, there's a real money!



Friday, November 24, 2023

Taking The Challenge of Being the Sole Breadwinner

When my hubby lost his job due to political reasons, I have to accept the fact that I'll be facing realities. Becoming a breadwinner mom is a journey that involves balancing your finances to mitigate the needs of your family without depriving yourself from your "personal needs". Empowered is how I consider it, but somehow would give you greater responsibility, not to mention, the pressure and , maybe, stress, that goes with it. Being the sole financial contributor to our household is something that is overwhelming and totally challenging!

Empowerment and Fulfillment

The ability to provide for one's family financially not only contributes to a sense of independence but also serves as a source of pride. The satisfaction derived from achieving professional success and ensuring the well-being of loved ones creates a powerful sense of purpose.

However, this empowerment is not without its complexities. The elation of career achievements is often tempered by the realization that the expectations and responsibilities have multiplied. The pressure to balance career aspirations with family obligations can be daunting, creating a delicate emotional equilibrium that requires constant attention and adaptation.

Challenges and Guilt

The challenges faced by breadwinner moms extend beyond the boardroom. Juggling the demands of a career with the responsibilities of motherhood can be emotionally taxing. Guilt often becomes an unwelcome companion, creeping into the corners of the mind during moments of professional focus and family absence. The fear of missing out on significant milestones in a child's life or not being present for crucial family moments can weigh heavily on the hearts of these women.

Societal perceptions add another layer of emotional complexity. The judgments and stereotypes that persist regarding the ideal roles of mothers can instigate feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. The internal struggle to reconcile societal expectations with personal ambitions becomes a constant emotional backdrop.

Triumphs and Resilience

Yet, amidst the challenges and emotional complexities, breadwinner moms experience triumphs that are uniquely theirs. Overcoming obstacles, shattering glass ceilings, and excelling in both professional and familial spheres instills a profound sense of resilience. The ability to navigate a path less traveled, defy stereotypes, and emerge stronger on the other side becomes a testament to the inner strength of these women.

The feeling of triumph extends beyond individual accomplishments and permeates the broader societal narrative. As more breadwinner moms share their stories, challenge stereotypes, and redefine the conventional understanding of family roles, a collective triumph emerges—a triumph that contributes to the gradual dismantling of gender biases and the fostering of a more inclusive society.

The feeling of being a breadwinner mom is a nuanced and multifaceted emotional journey. It encompasses moments of empowerment, challenges that test the depths of resilience, guilt that tugs at the heartstrings, and triumphs that redefine societal norms. Through it all, these women navigate a complex emotional landscape, shaping not only their personal narratives but also contributing to the broader narrative of gender roles and societal expectations. The feeling of being a breadwinner mom is a tapestry of emotions—a rich, intricate, and evolving story that continues to unfold with each passing day.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Forty-two and Counting!

Yes, I just turned 42 and I felt good!

Indeed, 42 years and I wonder how much I've achieved so far. I can't really tell because there's still  a lot on my plate that needs to be consumed, there's still more unchecked items on my bucket list, and there are still lot of plans on my head being held in abeyance.

Well, the truth is, I just don't have any idea where this life would lead me. I have so many things that I want to accomplish and yet failed to take even one single step to do it. 

I procrastinate a lot! 

My graduate course is unfinished because I am still up to Chapter 3 on my thesis concept proposal. 

I finally had my passport (after years of planning to secure it) hoping to realize my dream to become a JET instructor in Japan yet haven't finish what I have started because of some "reasons" that I am not really sure if it could justify. 

Good thing I was able to work on my application for promotion at school. Yes, I deliberately made efforts to do it since I failed my Japan plan.

I am constantly reminding myself that I am far from achieving my goals and that I need to work harder.

But guess what, I have health issues that somehow stopping me in reaching my goals. In fact keeping myself healthy is among my frustrations! I have lot of attempts to lose weight,  but I am just too inconsistent!

Forty-two yet I am still confused. I have lots of fears, worries, and questions, not for myself alone but for my family, my own small family. My husband and three kids were looking up to me, as if their life depends on me that is why I have so much pressures within me to the point that I do not know what to do first.

Good thing I have my God, otherwise, I will fall into the trap of DEPRESSION...

Yes, I am already forty-two but not matured enough to live on my own.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Many Variance of Solitaire

I have mentioned in my previous post that I love exploring online games, particularly those which are free and have no ads at all. Then I stumbled upon another online gaming site which is (feel free to click for more options!).

The site is not limited to solitaire games only. There are other options like cards, mahjong, hidden object, match 3, logic puzzles, and words. Personally, I love playing Solitaire. In fact, I have one app installed on my tablet which is the Solitaire Jackpot. Needless to say, it comes with so many ads after every game.

So back to this site, I just realized that apart from classic solitaire, there are other variants of solitaire that are available, some are just so new to me like Solitaire Tripeaks and Golf. I tried to play each variant and guess what, I just cannot win any two of them, too difficult! I don't want to use Easy Mode because I want to challenge myself, however, it is really difficult LOL!

Imagine the emotional damage I have to go through because I lost a couple of times!

But I am not that easy to give up, I should win this game- I have a very competitive spirit by the way...

But then, again and again, I lose. I lost count of how many times I lost the game LOL!
Klondike Solitaire is so hard to win if you chose 3 decks of cards instead of 1 so I choose 1 LOL. 

Tip of advice: Go for Easy Mode instead of the Normal one to have a bigger chance of winning.

For Spider Solitaire, choose 1 suit for easier chances of winning, but if you want to challenge yourself, go for more than 2 suits.

Free Cell Solitaire, is by far, the most difficult variant to win! I didn't win this game even after so many attempts.

The Pyramid Solitaire on the other hand is quite easy to play. All you need to do is to match two cards that would sum up to 13. But I have quite more attempts before I won this game.

Aside from Solitaire, you can play hundreds of other ad-free online games. There are even sites that allow you to play with other gamer. Just see to it that all your house chores are done before you start playing or you'll end up getting hooked on it.

Right now, I still have the luxury of time for this since classes have not started yet. How I wish I could install an app with so many options on my tablet just like what this site has to offer to keep me busy during idle moments. I often play online mobile games while in a long queue, or waiting for my husband to fetch me, and many other scenarios.

Next game to try on- Words!

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