Friday, September 11, 2009

Reminiscing the 9/11 Attack….

Remember the tragedy that shaken the whole world? Disturbed the US citizens and uniting them in seeking for justice? When the alleged suicide bombers hit the Twin Tower as well as the Pentagon? Indeed it was a horrible tragedy-a picture of blatant terrorism on the loose! Until now justice has never been served for those who were victims…

There were a lot of speculations (as shown in the YouTube videos: 9/11 Conspiracy) that the US government under then President George W. Bush Jr. was behind the said tragedy that the sudden fall of the towers was caused by a Controlled Demolition wherein bombs are planted on the said towers… another speculations stated that it was deliberately done to justify their attacks against Afghanistan

Whatever is the truth behind this, one thing is for sure, we should defy the acts of those people whose selfish interest caused thousands of lives.

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