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Thursday, July 21, 2011

GT: Birthday Wish

I am finally back to the Girls Talk meme after such  along absence. 

In barely two months, I will finally bid goodbye to the twenty-age years of my life. I'm gonna be 30 then by the grace of God. I know God has a lot in store for me especially now that I am an expectant Mom. My only wish then for my upcoming birthday is to give birth to a healthy baby in normal delivery when my due period comes by January next year. Yes, that is exactly my ultimate wish. I have lots of anxieties for the days to come but I should have surrendered it all to God. If I will completely rely on what I felt, I know it will really have a negative impact in the end. So I should trust God fully for He is in absolute control.
                                                                           - ♥♥♥-


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  1. Wow! Good luck to your pregnancy Jackie! Everything will be fine. Just believe!

  2. Advance dear :) And congrats with the baby! The baby itself is a already a gift. :)

    Visiting through GT. Mine's up here: My Birthday Wish, hope you could visit as well.

  3. Lots of good luck, dearie! and also congratulations! :)

  4. congrats on your baby, and hay you have a safe delivery!


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