Saturday, February 8, 2014

That Fatal Road Accident: What Should Be Done?

The latest news about the tragic accident involving Florida Trans Bus in Mt. Province that claimed 14 casualties including actor-comedian Alvin "Tado" Jimenez is an issue that concerns all about us, specifically those among us who commute through public vehicles. I know how it feels being in a vehicular accident cause I've been through it but that was in private vehicle. 

I might not be in the right position to question LTFRB about the legality of those buses and other public vehicles that adds up the traffic along the highways,but report said that the Florida Trans bus that claimed Tado's life and other passengers was not even registered. Question: How did it happen? There is not only one or two buses in operation that were found to be unregistered. Maybe it is high time for the LTFRB and other concerned government agencies to be vigilant in questioning those unregistered or perhaps expired franchise registration of those bus operators. 

I know nobody wants to be in an accident. But sometimes, accident is caused by human factor. The bus itself cannot speak for itself if it is no longer in good condition. Brake problems are the common reason of road accident. And maybe we all should be responsible in reminding those public utility vehicle owner/operator to have their vehicles checked from time to time to avoid another fatalities. Another thing, all drivers should go through a rigid assessment/evaluation before they will be given a license to drive.

Life is too precious to be wasted in just a vehicular accident.

Just saying.

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