Friday, January 23, 2015

Beyond Learning Deficiency

I was part of the school team for Early Registration Campaign which brought us to 3 elementary schools. Our last stop was at Taguanao Elementary School. It is quite far from the city proper and it was surrounded with mountainous area. When we get there, it somehow brought my memory back in my elementary school in Bukidnon. I just love the ambiance. It was just a small vicinity and there's only one section for the sixth grader-our main target.

I met one special child student. He is already 16 years old and perhaps the oldest among the class. He write slowly. His adviser filled up the Early Registration form for him then I assisted for the second copy. What struck me most about him is that he is very patient in copying all the data on the first form. I instructed him to write CDO instead of spelling it out yet he opt to copy everything on the first form. Upon leaving, he is the only one who waved us goodbye.
Grade VI- Generous

He might be having a learning deficiency, but his patience and determination will surely brought him farther to his dreams.

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