Friday, May 8, 2015

Lavender Has Many Uses

Lavender is amazing with the numerous ways its fabulous buds, stems, full fragrances and deep lavender colors can be used. We think of lavender in candles, soaps, perfumes, sprays, bath products and such, but it is also a culinary delight in the kitchen and can even be used to bathe your dog!

The old-fashioned harvesting of acres of lavender fields in late June and July happens when silver buds fill up with fragrant oil. When ripened into a vibrant lavender color, the buds and stems are removed, preserved in cool water, and placed in cool and dark barns to dry for weeks. After sorted and cleaned, they go to specialty kitchens and workshops, where hand-made unique products and gifts are created. 

Some examples of exquisite lavender products for your own use or as a perfect gift are below.

Lavender Mini Sampler

This beautiful basket of four favorites allows an enjoyable soaking with a tub aroma ball followed by a massage and body oil. A sachet can fill a special drawer with a wonderful fragrance, and a citrus lavender fragrance melt will give your home a heavenly smell. 

Lavender Sugar

A seven-ounce jar of sugar infused with lavender buds adds a sweet and flavorful twist to baked goods, especially Creme Brulee and shortbread cookies. 

Lavender Dryer Bags

This set of three bags filled with aromatic lavender buds adds a long-lasting aroma to your laundry for 30 to 40 dryer cycles each. 

Lavender Neck Wrap

Delivering the right therapeutic temperature, heat this aromatic wrap in the microwave for 30 seconds or chill it in the freezer.

Lavender Dog Bath

Yes, even the dog needs to smell good! The gentle scent also relaxes a dog that is not happy about taking a bath.

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