Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Radiating Positivity

To begin with, I hate being pessimist... I hate dealing pessimistic people and I have low tolerance for such kind... Maybe because I hate my own kind.

Yes, I used to be so pessimistic in so many things. I never run out of negative comments in almost everything- from personal to work-related issues.

But as I grow older, things change slowly. As I was exposed to the open, I met some people who has always negative things to say. In my workplace, in particular, you can never expect professional teachers behaving professionally at all times because they too have their share of negative thoughts and ideas. Well, I choose to ignore every time I encountered one. I was just so glad that I am surrounded with positive people in my station. I draw positive ideas from them. Whenever I felt busted with one colleague, there's always one person who can pacify me and I am so glad for their presence (better not to mention a name here though).

I just notice that whenever there's brainstorming of ideas, there's always one or two who will opposed for not so justifiable reasons. They're just overwhelmed with their negativism. Or maybe, it is just a common scenario when brilliant minds collides. But for me, whatever is their reason, such people should learn to weigh things out carefully, they should consider the positive effects over the negative one. After all, being a teacher, we were thought once how to be flexible, we should live by it.


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