Thursday, September 3, 2015

In the Arms of the Almighty

As a College Instructor for almost a decade now, I met lots of students with different personalities. There were those students who leaves a lasting imprints in your life, those who made , in one way or another, a difference that somehow made me, as  teacher, to become more humble and genuine. 

I do learn a lot from my students. I gained much lessons in life from them. It's varied but somehow unique in their own little way.

That is why, when one of my best students passed away, I really can't help but cry. It's a great loss but knowing the fact that he is already at peace in heaven, it lightens the burden within us, somehow though at the back of our mind we could only hope and pray and wish he could stay a little bit longer. But again, it was written in the Bible, Many are the plans of man but it is the plans of GOD that SHALL prevail.

To you, Jake, thank you for making a difference in our lives. We'll surely miss you and your unique but awesome personality.

Enjoy your day with the Lord always.

Rest in peace.

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