Friday, January 22, 2016

Low Tolerance for Stress

Being pregnant while trying to comply all the requirements for my Masteral studies is not an easy tasks. I have to recondition my mind everyday that everything will be okay especially now that I am still going through hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomitting). Have I known that I was pregnant during enrollment period, I will never take the risk. But here I am, I have to pursue my studies, otherwise, all my effort will just be in vain.

I have four consecutive subjects (all for three hours per meeting) that is why Saturday for me is a dreadful day.  All these subjects require much reading and reporting. Honestly, only God's wisdom can save me out from this "dilemma". This is what I want actually. I want to finish my Master's degree however, since I got pregnant, my tolerance for stress is getting low. No matter how I tried hard to be okay but as the day ends, so does my energy. My last subject was often compromised, that's 5-8PM because that is the time that I lost all my energy and could hardly concentrate.

Well, maybe things will change when I will be on my second trimester (hopefully). I could only pray that God will give me that kind of strength that would survive me throughout the semester. Amen to that!

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