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Call an Emergency Plumber When a Water Pipe Breaks

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Every homeowner must have a plumbing repair occasionally, and it is a good idea to contact a professional plumber rather than attempting to fix a broken water pipe or clogged toilet on your own. The plumbers Baltimore residents need work for local companies that only hire licensed tradesmen. One of the most common plumbing problems in a home is a ruptured water pipe that occurs as the temperature begins to drop in the autumn. This is an emergency repair because the water that leaks from the pipe can damage walls, floors and ceilings. 

Have Difficult Clogs Removed from a Home’s Toilets or Sinks

An additional plumbing problem that requires an emergency service call is when a toilet or sink has a difficult clog. When a homeowner is not able to shift the debris from the drain, a plumber can pour enzymatic cleansers into a drain to dissolve tough debris such as frozen toilet tissue or hair before using a plumber’s snake to move the remaining debris. This process requires only a few minutes, but with a professional plumber, the clog is removed without damaging a sink or toilet. 

A Plumber Can Clean Drains and Grease Traps

If a homeowner notices that the bathtubs or sinks in a home’s kitchen or the bathrooms are emptying slowly, then it is essential to have the drains cleaned. The drains underneath sinks and bathtubs can fill with debris such as food particles and hair that will collect on the interior surfaces of the pipes. Eventually, a dense clog will form that water will not flow through, leading to bathroom and kitchen fixtures that are filled with dirty water. A plumber can use drain-cleaning devices such as rooter brushes to push away the debris. 

Plumbers Are Able to Repair Sewer Lines

When a sewer line on a property is defective, a homeowner will notice standing water or a foul odor from waste. A plumber can drop a camera into a sewer line to determine where the clog is along with any damage such as holes and cracks. To remove the clog, a plumber will blast strong streams of water into the sewer line for several minutes to dislodge tree roots, garbage and hair. After the clog washes away, the plumbing team can insert flexible pipes into the lines to repair the sewer system. 

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