Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Should We Forgive?

It's easy to hold on to feelings of anger and resentment toward someone who has treated us unfairly and hurtfully.  Most of us believe that the anger and resentment act as little inner bodyguards making sure that the same thing doesn't happen again, which forces us to replay hurtful incidents in our heads over and over again.  Surprisingly, however, nothing could be further from the truth.  Hurt, affectanger, and resentment are signs of weakness, not strength.

Forgiveness is Freeing

Believe it or not, when you release your animosity towards the person or people who hurt you, you're a lot more light hearted and relaxed.  Negative emotions have a way of tying you to a negative person, place, or thing.  When you forgive, you essentially let go of many thoughts and feelings that once had you shackled to a negative person, place, or thing.

It positively Benefits the Body

Another amazing benefit derived from forgiveness is the effect that it has on a person's overall health.  People who practice this invaluable virtue have a lower heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a more relaxed and stress-free approach to life.  This results in fewer aches and pains and a better quality of sleep.  Even if we are someone who suffers from a serious disorder that requires integrative medicine in LA, we can still heal quicker and have an overall more hopeful attitude in the face of sickness.

It Restores Happiness, Peace, and Joy

Somehow, when the mind is not shackled by the replay of old emotions, traumas, and hurts, it's free enough to experience more joy in the moment.  In other words, it awakens a sense of mindfulness, allowing us to enjoy the present without the intrusive thoughts of the past bullying their way in.  Forgiveness is truly the salve that smooths unpleasant scars and renews our zest for life.

Forgiveness has many mental, spiritual, and physical benefits.  It frees us to go on with the rest of our lives with our heart still in tact and our mind free and clear.  It improves our health by helping us to relax.  In turn, we experience a lower heart rate and blood pressure and fewer physical aches and pains.  Perhaps, however, the most striking benefit of forgiveness is its ability to restore peace, joy, happiness, and mindfulness.  It is truly the magical prescription for navigating our lives.

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