Friday, September 8, 2017

Patience, Where Art Thou?

There are some point in our lives where we lost our patience and we got things out of hand. This is so normal. Especially if you are in a situation wherein you tried to understand everything. You tried to be sensible. However, patience became an issue. Patience could just slipped away if you got the feeling of being fed up, being sick and tired because you just cannot handle the situation anymore.
Can you blame yourself? Once you started to blame yourself, regrets would follow. Yes, there is so much regrets for the bad decisions in the past and that bad decisions was once the best decisions you thought  you ever had.
You could only wish that changing mind could be as easy as changing your clothes. But there are just some factors that despite of your deepest regrets, you cannot just simply let go because some important people in your lives will be affected. You might have lost your patience but you need to go on. You need to forget how you feel. You need to be blind because you have no other choice. It may be against your will but you have to sacrifice. Patience was gone but you just don't have the guts yet to follow your mind. No, not yet. Maybe some other time.

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