Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Salient Scope of Gender Equality

This is just my personal point of view regarding the SOGIE bill which has been approved by the Congress and will be made into law upon the approval of  President Rody Duterte.

All human beings should have an equal right- that's a fact. Both men and women should have equal rights- none should be below or above to each other. This is one of the advocacies of Gender and Development Program- GENDER EQUALITY.

But if we look further and go deeper- this could mean that all individual can freely express themselves according to their preferences thus same-sex marriage would soon be legalized in our dear country.

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. What could/would happen to us people if our moral standards are slowly deteriorating? What could/would happen to our next generation? It's a form of perversion to God's original purpose of our creation! How can same-sex marriage procreate? 

I am not against to any of the LGBT group, but it's their act of perversion that I do not like. It's the spirit that tried to OVERPOWER THEM. God hates the act of perversion, in fact, He punished Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Do we have to wait for another Sodom and Gomorrah? People are clamoring for gender equality- to what extent? Do we really have to tolerate such act for the sake of EQUALITY? I felt sorry for all my LGBT friends who were overcome by the "sin of the flesh". But God is gracious, they can still REPENT and change their lives for the better. Otherwise, they have to be accountable for their actions.

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