Monday, May 7, 2018

Doing The Things You Love

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This is Janith

How often would you do the things you love? Well, for most of us, time could be an issue. As for me, I really do love sketching! It all started back in my primary years. I run out of papers most of the time simply because, I just can't stop it. My teacher, who caught me once sketching while giving her lectures, scolded me saying that I could not serve two masters at the same time. Well, honestly, I don't really agree with her because my hands might be busy, but my ears were listening, she just didn't believe me, though. When I was in college, I go lie low in sketching faces, figures coz I was introduced to the Technical Drafting world, which requires greater accuracy through measurement-and honestly, it wasn't really my thing but I just left with no other option but to follow. Right now that I'm already a teacher, and a mother, I can see that my two elder kids loves to draw as well! At least they've started at a very tender age. My son loves to draw solar system and any other figures that would fascinate him. My daughter just simply follow what her brother were able to draw. I can see a future artist in them. Then I realized if only I didn't stop doing it regularly, then I would have an improved skills, much better than my output before. Though, right now, I started to relive it again. I just love doing it. I even watch tutorial videos to help me somehow. Wish I could really make it better this time.

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