Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How to Manage a Healthy Home and a Demanding Job

For many parents, the balance between managing a healthy home and a demanding job can feel like an impossible task. The demands from both spheres of our lives can create a chaotic and unsatisfied push and pull. Consider these strategies that we can employ to help support both areas of our lives.


Having trusted childcare for our kiddos is a key component of being able to fully engage at work. Knowing that you have after school care Tampa FL that can keep your child engaged and safe will give you peace of mind as you tackle your professional tasks.

Family Time

While you may have a busy lifestyle, it is also important for parents to put unmovable guards around the home. Designated family time, like dinnertime and quality bonding time for the family, should have firm guardrails around this time where no other obligations can interfere.

Expectations at Work

While you need to manage expectations at home, you also need to have expectations and boundaries at work. Informing your team of when you can work and when there are familial obligations can help create a better balance, but also keep your team informed of what to expect from you to avoid issues down the line.


Organization at work may be an obvious factor in success; however, it can also play an important role at home. If you approach home life with the organizational tools and tricks of your professional life, you can manage expectations, stay on top of tasks and avoid missing key details. Try introducing calendars, todo lists and organizational tools like chore wheels to help you maintain order.

Stress Management

While having all of these plans are important, you also need to acknowledge that stress will still happen. Having a plan for stress management will be important, not just for your mental health, but for the whole family.

Managing a life that is filled with children and professional aspirations can be challenging. While it can be difficult to balance, it is important to understand that it is not impossible, but rather, will require some planning.

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