Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Tips to Refresh Your Home Decorating

Sometimes a house, no matter how much it is loved, needs a refresh in the decorating department. New home decorations can be luxurious and expensive, but they can also be simple and affordable. Here are five ideas to refresh your home this year.

Simple and Affordable: Plant Life

Seasonal plants and fresh flowers Granville NY give homes of all shapes and sizes a new brightness. Plants and flowers look wonderful in any room of the house that need color.

Luxurious and Expensive: Paint

A great way to update the entirety of your home in one swoop is to freshen its paint job. Choose something in a warm, neutral shade to ensure its value and update its overall look at the same time.

Simple and Affordable: Vintage Decorations

Although some vintage pieces can be very expensive (think armoires, chandeliers, and art), there are usually fun and interesting vintage and consignment shops in hometowns for you to explore that offer a wide variety of items and price points. Visit these shops for new and vintage d├ęcor to feature in your home.

Luxurious and Expensive: Redo the Backyard

Consider redoing your backyard to encourage more time outdoors as a family. You can put in an outdoor kitchen complete with a brick pizza oven, install shade covering to protect everyone from the sun, or even put in a pool for those warm months of summer. The options (and budgets) are nearly limitless.

Simple and Affordable: Create a Collage

Thanks to smart phones and their rather amazing cameras, we are taking more and more photographs of our every day lives. Create a collage of photographs to hang on one or many of your walls. You will enjoy seeing the memories, and you can even change out the pictures depending on the time of year.

Updating your home's look can be affordable, or you can save up for big renovations and changes. The possibilities are endless.


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