Saturday, March 5, 2022

Never Again...

It's been awhile since my last post. My hands are always pre-occupied with works, school, and motherhood. Nevertheless, I am just so glad that I find time, finally, to share what's the latest thoughts that's going on in my mind...

LATELY, I am too obsessed with Tiktok, not about myself though, but all about those contents that has something to do with the Marcoses. I did grow up believing that Martial Law was the worst experience that Fiiipinos had endured during the post-colonization era... Who couldn't believe when it was written in our History books and even taught at schools back then. But sad to note, not all that was written were true. Not all that was taught were true. Some part of the history were revised, rewritten based on what they want people to learn regardless if it was true or not. Some books were written not to give emphasis to the realities but to demean other people, and on this case, its the Marcoses who were the casualties. The history that they want to reiterate is that how bad the Marcoses are, how they caused so much human rights violation, how they rob the Philippines with their ill-gotten wealth and a whole lot more.

BUT contrary to what is written, in contradict to what we used to believe, ordinary people proved them wrong. Based on testimonies, videos captured with the Marcoses- now I believe that what was written was nothing but LIES, a web of lies!

No government is ever perfect, and obviously, there is no perfect leader. But al least, in the person of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, he was able to accomplished a lot of things for the Filipino. And I really felt sad becasue until now there are still so many people who continue to demean him and even disrespecting his family as well as his memory.

So now, shall we continue to believe in lies? NEVER AGAIN!

So help them, God.

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