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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shattered History

My parents were both raised from Bohol and among us five siblings, it is only me who didn't get the chance to explore the wonders of that place. Now that I have my own family, I vowed to myself that we will visit Bohol in two to three years from now. The last time that I was there was more or less eight yeas ago during the death of my grandpa.

I've never been to Chocolate Hills, nor to the famous old churches. I never saw a real tarsier. But I promised myself that sooner than later I will conquer them all.

But this morning's 7.2 magnitude earthquakes seems to tell me that there'll be no sooner than later because they were gone.

I felt sorry for all Boholanons, to my Mom and my relatives, who treasured much those memories that were ruined by the earthquake, especially the historical churches.

The said churches may hold a special place in our Philippine heritage and history, but let us not be totally devastated because the churches maybe gone but our faith shall remain intact to our Lord Jesus Christ who will be back soon. The churches were just an edifice, built by human hands and was entrusted to us by our ancestors. Its ruin doesn't mean that our personal relationship with our Lord and Savior goes with the damage. NO. Let us not forget that it is not the home that matters most, but rather it is the owner of that home. Meaning, it's not the building but to whom we built that for. If Jesus Christ really is the occupant of that churches, let us be at peace to remember that Jesus' final home is not here on Earth but in heaven.

History is a history. They were already written on history books. What happened recently will mark another history for the next generation. Let us not lose heart because it has already been known that nothing will last on Earth- indeed, that historical churches just finally come to its end. Let's learn to accept that. :)

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