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Thursday, March 30, 2023

What's Killing Your Libido?

As I was browsing my Yahoo emails from many years back, I stumbled upon this subject. I used to subscribe WebMD site and truly, I really find their site interesting, much more with their topics. 

What's Killing Your Libido is such an eye-opener topic for me, figuratively though. I have no problem with that but somehow I could relate it to my hobby as a blogger. When I started blogging in 2009, I could write more than a hundred per month; believe me, such enthusiasm pays me well. Blogging used to really help me financially, well, it's not the same story for now since I am not that active anymore. Nevertheless, I still decided to keep my domain. I used to have three but decided to give up the two accounts and just focus on this.

What's killing my libido (enthusiasm) to write? I guess, it's because of the demands of my current job that I cannot pay attention to blogging? or it's simply because I have less inspiration for now. I have so much in my mind but just can't find the right energy to write it down. I also withdraw my membership to the blogger community thus I wasn't able to get the perks that they were enjoying right now. Yes, some of my blogger friends are still up on this side hustle and they have really established themselves. I cannot really tell if mine is considered an 'established' blog since I do not have many followers and I didn't rank on PRs anymore.

I am still holding on to this blog so that someday when I could have the luxury of time, I will be able to express my thoughts regularly. I have lots of things running through my mind and I want to express them here.

Well, maybe I just need some stimulation to keep me up and running. What do you think?

By the way, this is not a paid post. I just want you to visit the WebMD website for some healthy tips

Friday, April 23, 2021

To All Those Who Grew In a Not So Complete Family

Family is life, having both parents upon growing up is life!

Well, I honestly admired all husbands who stand by their wives through thick and thin. And a hand salute to all the wives who remain faithful to their husbands amidst adversaries that their family life has encountered.

The common reason why family falls apart or why marriages have shattered is because of infidelity. Me, being a product of a broken family knows how it feels to have a shattered home. I know how it felt to grow up without a father, and believe me it's not really easy.

The sad thing about having a broken family is that not all kids have the same way of coping with the situation. Not all kids have the courage to accept the fact positively. There are those who became lost and became a problem themselves. I have seen a lot of young ones slowly ruining their lives believing that their life is already trash after all and there is no future waiting for them. As a teacher, it becomes a burden to me. I wish I could explain to them that there is still a brighter future waiting for them if they won't allow their situation to overwhelm them. However, I cannot just control their actions as well as their perspective in life. There are those who tried to but still fail because they have less or no parental support. My heart truly bleeds for them.

I wish to convey this message to my fellow parents out there, especially to those mothers like me. If you think your marriage is in doom, and no means left to aid the situation and you thought of ending the relationship- please make sure that you don't abandon your responsibility as a mother. Do not neglect your duty as a parent. Explain to your children why there is a need to end the relationship because even the kids can feel the toxicity and eventually will understand your decision. But never ever abandon them for another man to be with, that is totally a horrible decision. 

Our situations may vary but we could come up with the same solution- holding on to our role as a parent. Our children don't necessarily have to become a casualty of our failed marriages, they should not suffer because we made the bad decision. Let's not add insult to injury. Let us be sensible enough no matter what.

Bottom line, let our conscience, our common sense, and our faith in God be our ultimate guide in rearing our children.

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