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Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Philippines won the Miss Elegance

Ms Shamcey Supsup
This year's Philippine representative for the Miss Universe pageant is Ms Shamcey Supsup and she's not just merely representing the Philippines, she's really into it. In fact, she recently won the Miss GB (Global Beauties) Elegance- Best in Evening Gown among the 89 lovely candidates. Allow me to quote the news taken from
Miss GB Universe 2011: Evening Gowns’ scores and winner of ‘Miss Elegance’
 GB scored all 89 candidates during the Presentation Show official Evening Parade. Scores were based on elegance, stage presence, gown choice, and beauty. The contestant with the highest average score, an amazing 9.95, is GB Miss Elegance Universe 2011, and she is Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup! Congratulations!!

If we based on the criteria that they were judged for during that parade, it is pretty obvious that Shamcey successfully captivated the judges. Her winning smile, her confidence and her intelligence will surely bring her to stardom! Not only that, she was also able to get the second place in the Swimsuit Competition. Wow, can you smell victory? Let us just crossed our fingers in prayer that she could make it up to the Coronation Night.

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