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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Top Ten Emerging influential Blogs for 2011

Hello everyone!

As Ms Janette Toral's Top Ten Emerging influential Blogs for 2011 started, I would like to take part on her advocacy- searching for the those influential blogs that truly made a difference among its readers. I may not have the chance to be one of the nominees but let me share with you my top ten choices. Here they are: -This blog deserves to be on the list. Why? It is simply because, this blog has a lot of good things to share. Mommy Ruby is such an effective blogger with all her tips and help, you can really depend on her. As for this particular blog, you will be inspired of her being such a doting Mom to her wonderful kids.

- Need some tips on what to apply on your lips to make it more kissable? Then check this blog for some helpful tips! This blog will surely inspire those who just can't get enough with lipsticks!

- Personally, this blog is really of great help to a newbie Mom and a wanna-be-Mom like me! True to its title, this blog is a survival guide to all the Moms out there!

- Love nature? Then you will surely love this environmental blog as well. Preserving and saving our Mother Earth is what we all ought to do!

- Need some helpful tips about home and parenting? Then check this out and have some updates on what's hot and what's new for your family. Take it from this tottering Mom!

- Who said single Mom knows only a little than any other Mom? Think twice again if you get some insights from this Pepperrific (perfect- terrific) Mom who will be an inspiration to all single Mom out there.

- Want some trivia and tips about just anything? Then this blog is the right one for you! Check it out!

- Are you craving for something? Then perhaps this blog is all you need for what's in and what's hot on the food market! 

- Join Levy as she will take you to her USA adventure as a wife, a mother and a writer and be inspired! The kind of blog that will be of great help to new bloggers who are struggling to make it to the end. Check this blog and be filled with tips and tricks on how to build traffics in your blog and eventually earn something out of it!

Well, we might have different  choices but I guess everybody deserves a slot to the Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers for this Year... If you cannot make it this year, then probably next year will be your year.. just one at a time.

By the way, this advocacy was made possible through the philanthropic heart of the following sponsors:

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