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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Headlines Today

'Pablo Deaths Reach 647, Close to 900 Still Missing'

While most people can't still get over with Pacman's defeat, some of our brethren are suffering from death of love ones, while others are still missing. The mortality rate goes higher each day, just imagine if all those 900 missing will not able to make it (God forbid!), those people need more of our attention than the time we spent in pondering why Pacman lost the fight.

In New Bataan, people are craving for food. Some were forced to steal just to survive. Some families decided to vacate the place and start life anew in another places. What the people need right now are beyond relief goods, they need all-out support from the government. If Kagay-anons were able to survive from the devastating damages brought by Typhoon Sendong, I also believe that people from Southern Mindanao who were greatly affected by Typhoon Pablo will also get through it.

Care to help?

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