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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

US Government Shutdown?

When I first heard the news about US government shutdown, I was surprised or shall I say confused: How could that be? The land of milk and honey will face another challenges and I was much concern because my sister lives there with her hubby. I just hope this will not have a greater impact around the globe. The infographics below shows three agencies that have been closed since 1st of October this year: Medical Research, Museum and Parks and the Environmental Protection Agency. I haven't read anything so far if this closure will just be temporary or for good. Though other departments and agencies are open but they will likely to furlough some staff.

Like what I said, I was really confused about the issue. Anyway, let me share a part of the article from Yahoo! news regarding this issue:

The US leader is scheduled to leave for Asia on Saturday, but the trip now depends on how the first US government shutdown in 17 years plays out.

So far, the signs are not encouraging, as Republicans and Democrats in Washington appeared no closer to reaching agreement on a spending bill to keep the government running.
For a second day, federal workers will stay off the job without pay and tourists will be turned away from Washington's museums and monuments, amid national exasperation that the nation's elected officials were unable to avoid the impasse.
Obama on Tuesday accused conservatives in the House of Representatives of waging an "ideological crusade" by making government funding conditional on gutting his landmark health care law.
His top foe, Republican House Speaker John Boehner, said Obama was pursuing a "scorched earth" policy by refusing to negotiate, as the rhetoric hit new heights and hopes faded for a swift end to the standoff... click HERE for more
Oh, ObamaCare, is this the reason behind this crisis? Filipinos who stayed in US was solicited for reaction by the newsgroup and some were happy about this health care law that was authored by President Obama himself, which was also the reason for disagreement between Dominican and Republican officials.

Well, I am confident that President Obama can take care of this. Wherever this issue may lead, it is my prayer that all Filipino workers and immigrants in the US will always be safe from the effect of this issue.

God bless America!

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