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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blog Review: Herbal Med Teas

One of the best thing that we could do to our lives is to keep ourselves in good health. One's effort will just end as futile if one do not know how to give premium to his health. One should remember as well that it is not only the food we eat that will greatly affects our health. The beverages that we used to drink everyday also matters  a lot.

This is what Joshua of Herbal Med Teas are trying to emphasize on his health blog. His blog talks about the importance of tea to our health. If we want to live a very good life, want to taste the goodness of nature, then tea should become part of our daily servings. If you want to know the different variant of teas, then his blog is the ultimate answer. Recently, he discuss about the Amla Gooseberry powder which is said to be highly concentrated in vitamin C. And I bet, with all the pollution around us, it is just the right time to maintain such kind of vitamins for protection against air-borne diseases. 

Wellness can be found in nature. You don't need to rely on synthetic medicines in keeping your health at bay. Nature offers herbal plants that are god source for our daily cup of tea.If you want to learn more about herbal tea variants, just visit Herbal Med Teas blog. You can also add and click the badge below:

Herbal Med Teas

The goodness of nature, the taste of life- Enjoy your tea

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Review: The Drama Queen

I just realized that Yuuki and I shared a lot in common.... from the favorite color (which I assume and presume as PINK), for being Asian drama fanatic and to being bubbly!(I supposed)
Her DRAMA QUEEN blog is indeed a proof that she prefers Asian dramas than our very own, which she justified well as to why. But it seems like she's about to broaden her territory in Drama thing... She's into American dramas too! well, I'll be expecting a whole lot more from this blog... As of now, I have her blog on my list to keep me posted!
go go go Yuuki!
(Note: Please feature Korean drama videos that can be downloaded :)

Blog Review: It's Not Always About Me, Really?

This is a blog review for Yuuki's It's Not All About Me
Partly true...she justified it by the next line of her Blog Title: BUT MOST OF THE TIME IT IS...
Yes, that's Yuuki. I might not have the chance of meeting her personally but i can tell that she's bubbly! And like me, she's into pink! A certified Pinka-holic! Her sponsors would really love her more because of her thoughtfulness. Why? As you can see on her blog, all her sponsors were well presented on her reviews and mind you, all their badges are on her sidebar! No wonder more and more sponsors won't hesitate to back her up. As you can see, her prizes are indeed so tempting. By the way, she's my co-BC blogger!
Nice knowing your blog Yuuki, you're now the latest member on my BLOG LIST. Check it out!

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