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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogging Dillema

I admit I love to write but sometimes I am too busy that I cannot do it anymore. I am aiming to complete a minimum of 25 blogs per month but considering my work I doubt it if I can really make it. The performance of my PC at home is not as fast (in fact, it's too far behind!) as Charter's Ultra60mbps Internet Speed that it cannot cope up the necessary speed that I need to complete my tasks.
However, I would like thank to Ate Grace who is always there to share her knowledge in blogging and gave me some tips. Because of her, I already have my EON card from Union Bank. Though I still need some tutorial about so many things I know that many fellow bloggers out there are very much willing to extend their help (thank you in advance). These are my goals for the first quarter:
1. more opps (through out the year! please give me some tips)
2. more post (geeee.. wish I have more time to do this)
3. own domain name (need to save more dollars for this)
4. more followers (count yourself please)
5. And..... OWN LAPTOP! (HP Brand or COMPAQ Presario Brand) so that I can extend my blogging beyond office hours!

Looks like too unrealistic? Aside from the fact that it's not wrong to set our goals, God knows my desire and my motivation.... With HIM nothing is impossible! (Calling all advertisers, God is calling you!)

God bless everyone! :)

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