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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Practical Way of Saving

It's hard to budget your income when you don't earned that much. Reality bites: We often spend on thing that we want than those that we really need. Saving might be an issue to most of us. I can attest to that because every payday, the amount was already allocated to things like debts, bills and transportation allowance for the next 15 days. In as much as I want to set aside even just a small amount, I failed it's because I just don't have extra money to set aside. It's all within the budget and allocations- no more budget for savings.I tried to seek help through saving expert but seems like too difficult to manage. It's only ideal for those who earned and spend just for their OWN consumption without families or relatives to think about... then i happened to open a website which offers a very practical advice. Three Money Saving Tips That Will Improve Your Financial Situation In Just One Week take note: IN JUST ONE WEEK. Wow, I was really impressed because it is so realistic! Do you face the same trouble as mine? Then check this out.

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