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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notable Graphic: WE

The message is clear: WE instead of ME 
In order to achieve a lasting relationship, we need to look beyond ourselves... we need to be humble and most of all, we need to cooperate with each other. One of the factors why relationship fails is the fact that nobody cares to humble down... One wants to outsmart the other, and the other wants to do the same. Such a sad scenario but it did really happen. There might be no perfect organization, no perfect group, no perfect community but if one will only consider the welfare of the group as a whole, then everything will be in order regardless of the weaknesses that each member might have.
It's time to make a difference... If we all aim to build a lasting relationship, it needs a strong foundation- and that foundation is what we called COOPERATION.
And talking about cooperation, it is not easy. It requires a strong desire to help people; something like earning an MSW online, an educational course that will equip us in doing social works which will allow us to serve other people.

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